Belonging: dotcraft in the Community

The Impact of Colchester United's Community Programs & Why We Became a Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that dotcraft is now a proud sponsor of Colchester United Football Club for the upcoming 2023/24 season. As a company that values community involvement and supporting our local teams, becoming a part of the CUFC community is truly an honor.

Stepping into the stadium fills us with a sense of pride and excitement, knowing that we are contributing to the success of the team that means a lot to the community. We are especially impressed with the CUFC community programs and the positive impact they have on the surrounding area.

Knowing that the foundation ( prioritizes health & well-being, inclusion, participation, female football, and education is truly commendable. These values are in line with our own values of being creative, united, committed, and fair. Supporting our local community is of utmost importance to us, and we take pride in being a sponsor of the CUFC community. Our partnership with CUFC is going to help expand and connect those around us. We eagerly look forward to continuing our support for CUFC and its community programs.

co Founders Maciej & Frank with Colchester Uniteds Partnerships and Hospitality Sales Manager Ben Conway
co Founders Maciej & Frank with Colchester Uniteds Partnerships and Hospitality Sales Manager Ben Conway

Supporting Colchester United is not only good for our business but also for our community as a whole. We look forward to a successful partnership with CUFC and can't wait to see what the future holds for our team.

Dotcraft, located in Colchester, is where the heartbeat of the dotcraft team sits, with team members making up the team from the surrounding areas. 

The last few years has seen Dotcraft grow and scale as a business. Part of that growth plan has been the hiring of local talent, something the founders Maciej & Frank are keen to keep as a pattern on their journey. 

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We like to give opportunities to local talent where possible and create an environment where they can thrive

Maciej Golis - Co-Founder & CEO