A technical partnership on an LMS development project, delivering new functionality and scalable solutions for a rapidly growing business.


Eintech are a SaaS provider specialising in Learning Management Systems and e-assessment platforms. They needed a technical partner to optimise the functionality of their existing LMS software and develop a series of new product offerings.

This included a website, e-learning solution, and test delivery platform. Our objective was to deliver reliable, robust and scalable solutions that would support the company following a period of growth.

Our Process

Agile delivery is built into our DNA and forms the basis of our project process. This approach is crucial to the Eintech project to ensure new features and functionality are continuously rolled out to market. This agile mindset also helps to foster a collaborative partnership with Eintech stakeholders to ensure we are working transparently and with mutual trust.

In this way of working, we are more easily able to adapt and respond to the complex, detailed and often-changing needs of Eintech’s client base.

The Build

We conducted an in-depth technical analysis of Eintech’s platform. Based on the findings, we provided actionable recommendations on their product and service design. This included an Umbraco website build and multimedia e-assessment platform. As the website is used by a group of organisations with varying requirements, we utilised the flexibility of Umbraco to deliver a heavily customised platform. 

The platform featured user roles, permissions, and access rights, as well as custom APIs for events management and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) controls. We ideated and released several new product features, and deliver frequent optimisations based on user testing and analytical insights.


Though still in the early stages of their release, Eintech’s products have already received positive feedback from customers. 

But this isn’t the end of the story. As market leaders Eintech are always innovating, and so are we. Using our agile approach, we continue to work iteratively to optimise their product offering, develop powerful new functionality and keep them ahead of their competitors.