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Introducing Claudiu, the latest addition to the dotcraft team

A fantastic aspect of growing businesses is the chance to expand their team. dotcraft is no exception, and we have recently welcomed Claudiu Gubernu as our new Frontend Developer. We spoke with Claudiu to discover his motivations for pursuing a career in web development and his opinions on the trends of web development.

So Claudiu, welcome to the team! We thought it would be nice to get to know you better so we have a few questions to ask. Let’s start with an easy one, what made you choose dotcraft as the next step in your career?

Coming from a team of 2 developers, I saw dotcraft as the perfect place to grow, improve and make a difference while being myself. The team culture and family like environment, alongside work flexibility made it very easy to integrate.

We are like a big family here at dotcraft, maybe a slightly dysfunctional one! What does a typical workday look like for you?

I always start my morning with a good warm cup of coffee whilst I check my diary and work that is planned for the day. Setting goals and working towards them is what makes me pro-active. When I get some downtime I like to investigate new trends in tech and find ways of improving workflow or revisit existing implementations and try to see if I could improve my code.

What is your favourite part of being a Frontend Developer?

Being the person that brings to life designs, all the responsibilities and challenges that come with keeping the end user in mind.

You touched on this earlier, but how do you stay up to date with industry trends and technology updates?

For me, I like to have side projects in which I try the latest tech from different social channels, blogs, news, etc. 

Why is user-friendly design so important for websites nowadays?

Websites are the fastest way for businesses to reach their customers. Your product or service might be the best solution out there but without the right website it will never reach its real potential.

If clients or people you are working with on a project have less technical knowledge, how do you ensure they understand the Frontend Development process? 

By using visual examples, less technical terms, asking for clarification with questions, and making sure the client feels comfortable and in control.

What are you most looking most forward to about working with dotcraft?

I’m looking forward to improving my knowledge and skills, getting to know more clients in our portfolio, taking the lead on more projects, and getting more comfortable with back-end technologies.

Have you got any good Frontend Developer jokes?

Q: Why do Front-End Developers eat lunch alone? A: Because they don't know how to join tables.

Finally, what question would you like to ask the next new team member?

If you were to describe yourself using the title of a song, what would that be?