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Meet James Allen, our new .Net Developer

One of the great things about being a growing business is that we get to grow our team. Our newest recruit is NET Developer James Allen. We caught up with James to find out more about why he chose a career in web development, his interests and what he thinks are going to be the biggest trends in web development.

What does being a web developer mean to you and why are you interested in pursuing a career in it?

A web developer is an individual who pursues software development while considering the entropy of the web. The main reason I'm interested in pursuing a career in it is the exposure of your work to the public, not just being tucked away somewhere.

What are your strengths as a web developer?

I’m fairly new to the world of web development, so whilst I may not have the strongest technical skills, I believe my tenacity will be a great strength as I advance my skills and career to become a strong web developer.

What are some of the challenges that come with coding?

There can be many challenges with programming, but they often depend on the situation. What I find most difficult is stepping into someone else’s project and trying to understand what’s happening in enough detail so I can make amendments without breaking something.

How do you keep up to date with the latest trends and advancements in web development?

Working in an office with a team of strong web developers certainly helps me keep up to date. On top of that, there are forums I browse, and I also receive notifications about popular articles discussing emerging technologies.

What do you think will be the biggest trends in future web developments?

With the current direction we're heading in with AI assisted development, we're going to be able to create software easier and faster. The result of that means more bespoke websites which are tailored to users specific needs as well as more usable websites as the iterative process of development and improvement will occur much faster.

What motivates you?

I love the idea of once you’ve finished what you’ve set out to do, you’ve checked something off your list and potentially overcome a challenge.

If you could learn one new personal skill, what would it be?

I’m currently trying to learn Spanish. It would be good to be able to snap my fingers and then know it fluently. No more Duolingo for me!

We hope you enjoyed finding out about our newest recruit. We’ll be catching up with some of our other team members to find out more about them soon.