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Stepping up to the task: What can we expect from Optimizely next?

As we speed through the 2023 calendar year, Optimizely continues to elevate its product development efforts. With a range of new capabilities released in Q1 and the company's consistent recognition as a Leader in the industry, Optimizely is poised to deliver maximum value and drive revenue for its customers. This article will explore the highlights of Q1 and provide insights into what's coming up in the Optimizely roadmap for the rest of 2023.

What is Optimizely?

Optimizely is a leading experimentation and optimisation platform that empowers businesses to enhance their digital experiences through data-driven decision-making. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools for experimentation, personalisation, and advanced targeting, Optimizely enables organisations to optimise their websites, mobile apps, and other digital touch points. With its focus on delivering personalised experiences, leveraging data-driven insights, and facilitating integration and collaboration, Optimizely helps businesses increase conversions, improve user engagement, and stay ahead in a competitive digital landscape.

Great Q1 performance

In Q1 of 2023, Optimizely's Product & Engineering teams unveiled a range of game-changing capabilities across various products. The Web Experimentation, Feature Experimentation, Content Marketing Platform, Content Management System, and Configured Commerce solutions received significant upgrades. These updates included exciting AI capabilities, new APIs, and convenient one-click integrations, alongside numerous user experience enhancements. Optimizely's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) truly thrived in Q1.

Furthermore, Optimizely's excellence was recognised by industry leaders. The company was acknowledged as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms for the fourth consecutive year. Shortly after, it achieved Leader status in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms for the sixth consecutive year. These accolades underscore Optimizely's commitment to product execution and its future direction.

  • Delivering a Seamless User Experience

One of the key focuses for Optimizely in the first half of 2023 has been delivering a seamless user experience. As part of this endeavour, a single-sign-on feature has been rolled out for all core anchor products across the Optimizely portfolio. Users will enjoy the convenience of logging into their favourite Optimizely products from a centralised location and effortlessly switching between different products using an easy-to-use navigation bar. Additionally, managing user roles and permissions have been streamlined through a global Admin Center. These improvements marked the initial steps toward transforming Optimizely's suite of tools into a comprehensive solution.

  • Deeper Cross-Product Integrations

Optimizely recognises the importance of cohesive integration among its suite of products. Optimizely has forthcoming plans to establish deeper integrations between its Optimizely Data Platform, Web Experimentation, and Feature Experimentation, enabling users to leverage the power of data and experimentation seamlessly across multiple platforms. This integration will unlock new experimentation capabilities, including advanced segmentation and cross-channel experiments. With advanced segmentation, users can target specific audiences down to the individual level using real customer profiles stored in the Data Platform. Cross-channel experiments enable the use of audience segments across both Web and Feature Experimentation, facilitating cohesive, multi-channel experimentation. These enhancements will empower users to run targeted A/B tests, targeted rollouts, feature personalisation, and more.

  • Optimizely Connect Platform

Optimizely has shown that it is dedicated to ensuring compatibility with third-party products as well as allowing customers to maximise their tech investments. To facilitate seamless integrations, Optimizely is introducing the Optimizely Connect Platform. This modern framework streamlines the development cycle for new integrations, reducing the time required from months to days. With developer-friendly tools, simple APIs, and self-service documentation, connecting with Optimizely becomes effortless. Once complete, integrations built on the Connect Platform will be available in the Optimizely App Marketplace, a centralised directory for discovering and managing low-code/no-code integrations. This ecosystem empowers thousands of customers to access the data-driven benefits of Optimizely with easy "one-click install" functionality and out-of-the-box compatibility with the Optimizely Data Platform.

Optimizely's roadmap for 2023 showcases its commitment to delivering seamless user experiences, deeper cross-product integrations, and enhanced compatibility with third-party products. By continually improving its solutions within the best-in-class Digital Experience Platform, Optimizely aims to facilitate seamless collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and exceptional customer experiences for its users.


What is next?

Looking ahead, Optimizely's roadmap for the remainder of 2023 holds even more exciting developments. Here are a few areas of focus to anticipate:

  • Enhanced Personalization: 

Optimizely recognises the power of personalised experiences in driving customer engagement and conversions. In the coming months, the platform will introduce advanced personalisation capabilities, leveraging data from the Optimizely Data Platform to deliver tailored content and experiences to individual users. This functionality will enable marketers to create highly targeted campaigns, improving customer satisfaction and driving better results.

  • Optimization Automation: 

To help businesses optimize their digital experiences more efficiently, Optimizely plans to introduce automation features. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, these capabilities will enable automated experiment suggestions, intelligent goal prioritisation, and automated insights generation. By automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent recommendations, Optimizely empowers users to make data-backed decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Expanded Integration Ecosystem: 

Optimizely understands the importance of seamless integrations with popular third-party tools and platforms. To further enhance its integration ecosystem, Optimizely will continue to expand its list of pre-built connectors and APIs. This will enable businesses to integrate Optimizely with their preferred marketing, analytics, and CRM systems, unlocking the full potential of data-driven optimisation across their tech stack.

  • Performance Optimisation: 

Optimizely is dedicated to helping businesses deliver exceptional digital experiences with optimal performance. In the upcoming months, the platform will introduce performance optimisation features, including performance testing and monitoring capabilities. These tools will enable users to assess and enhance the speed, scalability, and reliability of their digital properties, ensuring smooth user experiences and maximising customer satisfaction.

  • Ongoing Platform Enhancements: 

Optimizely remains committed to continuously improving its platform based on user feedback and evolving industry trends. Users can expect regular updates and enhancements across all product offerings, ranging from user experience improvements to additional AI-driven capabilities. Optimizely's dedication to innovation ensures that customers always have access to cutting-edge tools to optimise their digital experiences.

In summary, Optimizely's roadmap for the rest of 2023 is focused on delivering seamless user experiences, deeper cross-product integrations, enhanced personalisation, optimisation automation, an expanded integration ecosystem, performance optimisation, and ongoing platform enhancements. These initiatives will empower businesses to lower costs, increase revenue, and provide exceptional digital experiences to their customers. With Optimizely as their trusted partner, digital masterminds can expect a future filled with continuous innovation and transformative optimisation solutions.


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