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New Checkout and My Account area, enabling a faster, more powerful & engaging end-to-end ticket purchasing experience
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The Jockey Club looked to dotcraft to help design and develop the checkout process to help make the user experience even smoother and introduce s faster route to purchase using quickpay integration. In addition the experience would continue with the 'My Account' area of the site where users would be able to keep tickets and information on up and coming races in one place.  

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my account


With people buying tickets to events at a click (or two) of a button, the TJC platform requires a fast and efficient checkout process, along with the ability for users to immerse themselves in the account and checkout journey. We understand that a seamless and hassle-free checkout experience is crucial for TJC users, and we are committed to providing them with the best possible experience.

“dotcraft are a fantastic partner to work with and provide a seamless extension to our internal teams, they always work to exceptionally high standards to successfully deliver on all projects. The My Account and new Checkout project was no exception from the initial conceptual designs, to build and testing they went beyond our expectations and in my opinion have built one of the best online ticket buying experiences within UK Sport”

Andy Fellingham, CCCO

Recent Highlights


Delivering an improved checkout journey


Implementing Quickpay to the purchasing flow

My Account

Building a clean My Account area for users


Collaborating with Future Ticketing to implement custom APIS

The Build

The project involved refining and developing the user flow for the checkout and My Account area of the Jockey Club website. To ensure that the new functionality met the Jockey Club's goals and requirements, we conducted several discovery workshops, user testing, and accessibility tests.

During the discovery phase, we worked closely with multiple third-party vendors, including Future Ticketing, Rewards 4 Racing, and Stripe. We collaborated with the Jockey Club team to gain a thorough understanding of their needs and established a framework for the new checkout and My Account area through a series of mini-workshops and wireframe processes.

We then took the framework into wider user testing to gather feedback and refine and improve the design. We also worked closely with Future Ticketing, whose team had been developing the Jockey Club's ticket management system for the past few years. Using an API, we collectively updated the way sales, reward points, and customer data were captured in real-time and presented back to the customer in a digestible manner with no downtime.

Once we had established a framework for the new checkout and My Account area, we turned our attention to the functional updates that were required across platforms. We collaborated with the Jockey Club team to design the screens for mobile and desktop, using customer insights to influence the ordering of buttons and key actions. We reviewed the designs to ensure they fit with the front-end development of the site.

We then began building out the functionality in the CMS platform Optimizley, working in two-week sprints to deliver set pieces of work that allowed us to demonstrate working progress and adapt as necessary to achieve the overall vision of the project.

The project launched in December 2023, and we are already seeing the benefits and insights of the new implementation. We will continue refining and updating the site to ensure it continues to perform optimally.

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Our Process

To address stages of the checkout process that needed refinement, we have implemented various measures to ensure a smooth and speedy checkout process. The checkout page is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with clear instructions and prompts to guide users through the process. We have also streamlined the checkout process by eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing the amount of information required.

In addition, we have enhanced the account journey to provide users with more control and flexibility. Users can now easily manage their account information, track their orders, and access their purchase history all in one place. This allows for a more personalized and immersive experience that caters to the unique needs of each user.



We have seen a steady increase in users using the 'Quickpay' option, enabling them a faster route to purchase. We are also seeing the platform cope with periods of high demand in sales and unwavering performance. 


Increase in basket conversion rates


Adoption rate among mobile users for 'Quick Pay' (Apple and Google Pay)


Cut down in the average transaction time

We continue to monitor and evolve the platform and work closely with The Jockey Club partners in expanding possibilities on the website and refining the process.