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Vivir Drinks Limited released VIVIR Tequila to the UK in 2019, 100% Agave Tequilas! 


Vivir Drinks Limited came to dotcraft looking to elevate the Tequila website into a consistent, solid, easy to use and manageable CMS that could allow them to easily upload their products and grow the site as and when needed. 

The website will be used to drive more traffic and sales once launched and the ease of use and SEO implementation for the site are key drivers for this. 

Vivir branding as this is a strong part of their identity and we used this to create the framework for the new site.

We enjoyed working with such a strong brand and giving it the platform to promote sales quickly and easily

Maciej Golis - Co-Founder & CEO

Recent Highlights


Migrated website to easy to use and update platform in Shopify


Implementing tracking to monitor website insights


CMS area to allow for quick content updates or adding new products


SEO area to improve visibility

The Build

In a short space of time, we were able to work closely with Vivir and understand the key requirements for the project, which were to give the current website an upgrade and allow the team to make content changes when needed and increase the website for visibility online with the angle of adding additional sales through the website revenue stream.

We began by setting up the framework and styling for the website that would reflect the strong Vivir brand, and continue the look and feel of the branding. Once we had established the look and feel of the website with them, began to build out key, pages and adding in the content to get a feel of how the new site would work.

Working in an agile manner with demonstrated progress on the website, and before long, we had a new website, built, including content, migration, and image updates.

The website allows for SEO development, and with this we work closely with our partner Greyzip in making sure the website was ready to launch.

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Our Process

We started with a mini discovery session with Vivir to understand what was working well within the website wasn't working as well and where they wanted to get to. It it quickly became apparent that the branding and the product is very strong and this would subsequently lead the look and feel of the site and how the website would be structured to bring the best out of the products on show.

We also looked into what the target audiences were, how they wanted to be reached, and what future visibility the website was looking to achieve. We understood the website was for UK market focus, but we understand that in the future a wide reach maybe needed.

We then looked at what the site was to be used for and how it was to be managed, and what the best platform therefore would be for this particular project. We decided that Shopify would be best suited as the brand and the products are already established and it was about getting a quick turnaround and the CMS that would be easy to manage and update moving forward and Shopify provides that.

We also took into account that Vivir wanted to own management of the site. Moving forward and not have to rely on development to do simple tasks like content changes or adding components to a page. dotcraft made sure that the template that was set up with allow the management and control the website pages, but also the opportunity to build new pages and add in new features.



The website went live in December 2023, and maintains the strong identity of the brand Vivir tequila.

While it's still early days, following the launch at the new site, we expect to see a steady increase in online sales through the website platform.