Google Optimize Sunset

Why Optimizely is best placed to fill the experimentation gap left by the sunsetting of Google Optimize

Since the announcement that Google will be sunsetting Google Optimize for September 2023, marketers and web developers are having to find an alternative analytics and experimentation tool.

Google Optimize is a web analytics and testing tool aimed to run experiments to analyse and aid online marketers in increasing visitor conversion rates and improving visitor satisfaction to websites.

Initially launched in 2012, Google Optimize was aimed at allowing users to experiment with multiple methods of delivering content in order to improve conversion rates. The decision to sunset Google Optimize was due to the application no longer meeting customer needs. Instead, the organisation is planning to focus on their Google Analytics 4 application which will carry these improvements matching the demands of customers. Google Analytics 4 enables users to track and measure engagement and traffic across websites and apps.

Optimizely is an organisation that provides similar services to Google Optimize as well as offering extra tools which could be useful in web analytics. These tools consist of website personalisation, feature toggle capabilities, web content management, digital commerce along with A/B testing tools and multivariate testing tools.

Optimizely is a great option after Google Optimize simply because it easily integrates with Google services and products. It was also a leading name in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms because of its multiple efficiencies.

Optimizely's Stats Engine guarantee accurate results

Optimizely's Stats Engine shows sequential statistics in real time, so you can get precise results quickly. The use of error controls and exclusion groups encourage comparisons and experiments to be made. The Enriched Events Export and data services provide multiple methods to analyse and review the data from the experiments.

One place to test web pages and products

Optimizely encourages teamwork and collaboration by gathering developer, product, and go-to-market teams all on one platform. Optimizely Feature Experimentation has an enterprise feature management platform that allows experimentation on the impact of a feature.

Excellent performance

Optimizely Experimentation works as a high performance tool to ensure that both speed and user experience is not compromised. Performance Edge, a super-fast Experiment Delivery Network built on Cloudflare's Edge Network, is included free of charge for all Optimizely customers, which is not often the case with other A/B testing platforms. Customers can run hundreds of web experiments with a median load time of 50 milliseconds or experiment across all applications with Feature Experimentation SDKs. This makes it the best in the industry in terms of performance.

Large brands use Optimizely

Many big names use Optimizely Web Experimentation in order to benefit from the data gathered from the experiments to improve aspects of their service. Sky is one of these brands who endorse and use Optimizely Web Experimentation for mobile experiments applying data gathered to improve customer experience. Other examples of brands using Optimizely Web Experimentation include: Visa, Discovery and Cancer Research UK.


Targeted messaging, personalised offers and custom recommendations are all available when using Optimizely. Also, each personalisation campaign can run as an A/B test which is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or app against each other to determine which one performs better.

In order to get the best analytics results to aid your company, considering Optimizely as a replacement for Google Optimize can be a great option. Optimizely is currently offering a special discount to help you migrate from Google Optimize to Optimizely, so you can test out the format and see if it is right for you.