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Why Optimizely is best placed to fill the experimentation gap left by the sunsetting of Google Optimize

Since the announcement that Google will be sunsetting Google Optimize for September 2023, marketers and web developers are having to find an alternative analytics and experimentation tool.

1st February 2023

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5 Signs you need to modernise your CMS system

As a business it is vital you stay up to date with changes and developments in the world of CMS or content management systems. Increasingly, businesses who are relying on legacy CMSs are being limiteddue to lack of innovation. By moving to a headless CMS like the kind Optimizely offers, you will be able to improve content distribution and speed up your website. Keep reading to find 5 of many signs it is time to migrate to a modern CMS.

8th June 2022

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dotcraft appointed as lead digital agency for The Jockey Club

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with The Jockey Club, the largest commercial group in UK horseracing, to transform their online ticket purchasing experience, build out new digital products and new digital services.

30th March 2022

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Everything You Need To Know About Digital Content Management: The A-Z Guide

Digital content management is the business operation of streamlining and managing all digital assets created by an organisation. It is a set of processes which allow a business to efficiently organise the storage, allocation and delivery of any digital assets used. Types of files typically involved in digital content management include image, video, document and audio digital files.

22nd March 2022

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How to choose a website design/development agency?

Choosing a website design/development agency can be a daunting task! You are putting your brand, voice, and investment in the hands of another organisation. If you are planning a new website design or development, it is important to find an agency that is right for your business and that you have confidence in. But with lots of competitors in the sector, how do you know which one will be best for your business? To help you know how to choose a website design/development agency, we have put together a few key factors to consider!

29th January 2022

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